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Mystery in Southern Illinois

  Welcome to my website. I am an amateur novelist. Actually, I charge for my novels, so I suppose that makes me a professional. On the other hand, I lose money. So I guess I'm a professional writer, but an unsuccessful one.

  Anyway, in 2019 I decided to write a novel. Though I've been a writer all my life, it has mainly been newspaper articles, columns, and a few short stories. I never thought I could write a full-length novel, but I challenged myself as a bucket list item. I sat down and worked on something I titled Fire Blight. It took about a year and a half, but I finally finished it and self-published it. That was supposed to be it.

  But once I began, I couldn't stop. I completed The Pursuit of Bethany Ringel in about nine months, and I'm working on a third. My genre is crime. My novels all feature the crime-fighting team of Sheriff Frank Bachelor and FBI agent Doug Munro. All are set in southern Illinois.

  If you like good crime fiction, I'd like to convince you to read my books. I truly believe you will like what you read. The region is a character in itself, drawn from my experience growing up in the gently sloping hills of southern Illinois. All novels include some actual geography and history of the region.

  Thanks for reading!


Unfinished Business

  Nat's fourth novel  follows the path of Alex Eisenhart, a venture capitalist seeking investors for a groundbreaking product that he hints could change the world.

 FBI agent Doug Munro is not convinced. His investigation into Eisenhart's business dealings begins as a routine fraud case, but it soon becomes much more.

  He elicits the help of Sheriff Frank Bachelor, and they encounter a strange sequence of  seemingly unrelated crimes, including a brutal murder.

  The straightforward fraud investigation soon becomes something much deeper, something that may unveil a sinister plot that spans decades and crosses an ocean.

Coming November 2023

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