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  Nat Williams is the author of two novels – Fire Blight and The Pursuit of Bethany Ringel – and is working on a third, The Bus. All three feature the creative crime-fighting duo of Sheriff Frank Bachelor and FBI agent Doug Munro.

   Nat is a native of southern Illinois, which is the setting for his novels. He was born in Benton, the site of the last public hanging in Illinois, when the gangster Charlie Birger twirled from the gallows outside the Franklin County Jail, in 1928.

  He graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in journalism, and has held a number of writing and editing positions on newspapers in Illinois, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, and Tennessee.


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  He lives in southern Illinois with his wife, Amy, who also is his editor and pretty much everything else. Williams has three children and six grandchildren. In addition to being a pretty good novelist, he is a fair blues guitarist, and a poor golfer. 

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