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War of Attrition

FBI agent Doug Munro enlists the help of Sheriff Frank Bachelor in a routine investment fraud investigation. But the case takes a shocking turn when bodies begin piling up. They weave their way through a seemingly disconnected series of events: a college professor who goes missing, a young housekeeper late for a date, and an automobile accident that puts a suspect in the hospital.


While desperately seeking a connection between financial misdeeds and murder, Bachelor and Munro peel away the layers of a plot spanning nearly a century and reaching across an ocean.


From the European battlefields of World War II to modern-day southern Illinois, a malignancy of hatred grows into a conspiracy that could imperil generations to come. Bachelor and Munro lead a virtual army of law enforcement officers in a concerted effort to put a stop to the pattern of violence. Their efforts lead to a legal showdown that will determine whether it will finally come to an end or continue well into the future.

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